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Seeds of Innovation: Celebrating 30 Tech Leaders Reshaping Africa’s Agriculture Through Technology

Seeds of Innovation: Celebrating 30 Tech Leaders Reshaping Africa's Agriculture Through Technology

Agriculture is the backbone of the African economy, accounting for about 15% of GDP and employing about 60% of the workforce.


However, the sector faces several challenges, including low productivity, climate change, and rural poverty.

Aside from government policies, technology plays a transformative role in reshaping agriculture in Africa, offering innovative solutions to longstanding challenges and creating new opportunities for sustainable growth.

From precision farming to mobile and digital solutions, these technological innovations are spearheaded by tech leaders passionate about the continent’s agricultural ecosystem.

With innovation as their guiding star, these individuals are cultivating a transformation that will not only feed nations but also cultivate hope, opportunity, and lasting change across the continent.

Empower Africa shines a spotlight on 30 who are reshaping the future of agriculture in Africa through technology.

These personalities are the embodiment of progress, utilizing technology to transform traditional farming practices into dynamic, efficient, and sustainable endeavors.

Their efforts transcend mere innovation; they represent a movement that propels communities forward and nurtures a continent’s potential.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Jehiel Oliver – CEO of Hello Tractor
  2. Lucy Wangari – Founder, Onion Doctor
  3. Taita Ngetich – Founder & CEO of Synnefa
  4. Nana Opoku – CEO of Grow For Me
  5. Dickson Kahuro – Founder of OxFarmAg
  6. Thomas Njeru – CEO and Co-Founder at Pula
  7. Hazem Salaheldin Eltawab – CEO and Founder at ReNile
  8. Benoit De Vigne – Co-Founder of Terraa
  9. Nabil Ayoub – Head of Product @Agridata
  10. Moulay-Rachid Cherkaoui – Entrepreneur in FoodTech
  11. Alloysius Attah – Co-Founder & CEO Farmerline
  12. Aisha Raheem-Bolarinwa – Founder at Farmz2U
  13. Russel Luck – CEO swiftVEE
  14. Elisha Caleb – CEO and Founder at Agrotech Plus
  15. Francis A. Obirikorang – CEO and Co-Founder of AgroCenta Technologies
  16. Stefano Carcoforo – Co-Founder of iProcure
  17. Ikenna Nzewi – CEO @ Releaf
  18. Uka Eje – CEO, ThriveAgric
  19. Uzoma Bailey Ayogu – CTO at Releaf
  20. Eli Pollak – Founder of Apollo Agriculture
  21. Raphael (Kofi) Afaedor – Co-Founder & CEO @ Kyosk Digital Services
  22. Aboubakar Karim – CEO of Investiv Group
  23. Judy Njogu-Mokaya – Founder, VunaPay
  24. Femi Adekoya – Founder at Integrated Aerial Precision
  25. Susan Njihia – Board Member, Digital Agriculture Association
  26. Abdiwak Bekele – Co-founder and CTO of Omishtu-Joy Agtech Eng
  27. Olivia Aseitu Kipo – Founder of Kobaa farms
  28. Larbi Alaoui Belrhiti – Founder & co-CEO @ YoLa Fresh
  29. Deborah Ogunyemi – AgriTech Enthusiast
  30. Betty Mbithi – Co-Founder, Vunatec

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