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AI Pioneers: Honoring 30 Tech Trailblazers Shaping the Future of Africa Through Artificial Intelligence

AI Pioneers: Honoring 30 Tech Trailblazers Shaping the Future of Africa Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming economies and societies across the globe, and Africa is no exception.
Despite numerous challenges, the continent is making significant strides in developing and deploying AI solutions to address its unique needs and opportunities.

Africa is home to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including poverty, disease, and lack of access to education and healthcare.
AI has the potential to play a crucial role in addressing these challenges by providing innovative and scalable solutions.

For instance, AI-powered healthcare systems are being developed to improve diagnostic accuracy, provide remote patient monitoring, and even deliver personalized treatment plans.
In agriculture, AI is being used to optimize crop yields, predict weather patterns, and connect farmers with markets.
And in education, AI-based platforms are providing personalized learning experiences, making education more accessible and effective.

AI Adoption and Growth

The adoption of AI in Africa is still in its early stages, but it is growing rapidly. 
The number of AI startups on the continent has increased significantly in recent years, and governments are increasingly recognizing the potential of AI to drive economic growth and development.

The future of AI in Africa is bright. The continent has a young, tech-savvy population, and there is a growing recognition of the potential of AI to address Africa’s challenges.  

The continent is making significant progress in developing and deploying AI solutions, and the future of AI in Africa is bright.
With continued investment and support, Africa can become a global leader in AI innovation and use AI to transform the lives of its citizens.
Amid this push, Empower Africa is thrilled to highlight 30 incredible individuals leading the charge in transforming Africa’s technological landscape.

From developing groundbreaking algorithms to leveraging AI for social impact, these innovators are not just embracing change; they’re driving it. 

1. Gys Kappers – CEO Dataprophet
2. Yaw Bediako – CEO and Co-Founder at Yemaachi Biotech
3. Henry Mascot – CEO of Curacel
4. Mohamed. Fergany – Founder of Convertedin
5. Michelle Ruiz – CEO IQPay (Pty) Ltd
6. Kate Kallot  – Founder & CEO of Amini
7. Merelda Wu – Co-Founder & CEO @ Melio AI
8. Nneka Mobisson – Co-founder and CEO, mDoc
9. Ahmed Kadous – CEO & Co-Founder at Pharmacy Marts
10. Gur Geva – Founder and CEO at iiDENTIFii
11. Charles Onu – Co-founder & CEO at Ubenwa Health
12. Nelson Aseka – Founder & CEO at AIfluence Inc.
13. Teniola Adedeji – Co-founder of Pharmarun
14. Ahmed Abaza – CEO at Synapse Analytics
15. Mahmoud AbdelAziz – Founder & CEO at DevisionX
16. Benji Meltzer – Co-Founder, Aerobotics
17. Karim Beguir – Co-Founder & CEO of InstaDeep
18. Karl Nchite – Co-Founder & CEO at CatalyzU
19. Philip Thigo – Executive Director for Africa, Thunderbird School of Global Management
20. Rana el Kaliouby – Founder of Affectiva
21. Fatima Tambajang – Head of Developer, Startups & VC Ecosystem for Africa & Middle East at NVIDIA
22. Gilles Q. HACHEME – Research Scientist at Microsoft AI for Good
23. Vukosi Marivate – Co-Founder, Lelepa AI
24. Ibrahim Adepoju – Co-Founder and CEO at
25. Muthoni Wanyoike – Founder, AI & Insights
26. Ricardo Rosa – Director, Enterprise Commercial Africa at Microsoft
27. Jade Abbott – Founder at Lelalpa AI
28. Jacques Ludik – Founder, Cortex Logic
29. Tholang Mathopa – Founder, Leriba AI
30. Mark Igbinedion – Founder & CEO at

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