African Changemakers

Kevine Kagirimpundu

Kevine is a Rwandan social entrepreneur passionate about the circular economy, waste management, and sustainable fashion.

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Jumanne Mtambalike

Rajabu is a Tanzanian tech innovator active in youth initiatives in areas of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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Maya Horgan Famodu

Maya is a Nigerian-American venture capital investor and entrepreneur committed to ensuring brilliant people, wherever they are located, have access to the resources they need to build wildly scalable businesses.

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Alain Capo Chichi

Alain is an Ivorian entrepreneur, innovator, and the brain behind the recently launched Open G smartphones in Cote d’Ivoire.

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Aya ElGebeely

Aya is an Egyptian software engineer and entrepreneur who aims to bridge the gap between top tech talents and hiring companies.

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Flavien Kouatcha Simo

Flavien is a Cameroonian agricultural engineer and entrepreneur passionate about agriculture and committed to the development of Africa.

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Regina Honu

Regina is a Ghanaian social entrepreneur and software developer harnessing the power of technology to promote social change in West Africa.

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Who is a changemaker that you believe deserves our attention?

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