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Krio Workshop

With Zato and Abu

Time: 5 PM to 5:30 PM

Date: Monday 04 Dec, 2023

Price: 100NLe/ pers

For Beginners: Learn the history of Krio and practice some Krio together in a fun and creative way!

Hyper Realism Art Workshop

With James

Date: Wednesday 06 Dec, 2023

Time: 4 PM to 5 PM

Price: 150NLe/ pers

You are invited to come embrace, explore and creatively master hyperrealistic art and build your confidence and peace in improving and creating quality artworks through J.E arts.

Don’t miss out, come experience the beauty of art with a step‐ by‐ step learning process and guide for all beginners. You’ll learn the basics of drawing few parts of the human body , I.e detailing, studying your reference and many more…
All materials will be provided, no experience needed!!!!

Everyone is an Artist. Come and we will prove it to You!

Date: Thursday 28th of December

Time: 4 Pm

Price: Nle 150

Join us and be part of a creative, fun and interactive session with the artists and experts in the area. You will realise that everyone is an artist even yourself! There are many ways of leveraging creativity and innovation in your daily life. Come to discover and unleash the artist within yourself!”

Live Music Evening

Date: To Be Confirmed

Time: To Be Confirmed

Price: To Be Confirmed

Come and join us for a relaxing and interactive live music evening!

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