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Motherhood life

Motherhood life

Meaning of the Painting: The state of being a mother , there’s a lot of sacrifices of being a mother when raising a child. This picture depict a moment with a mother and child. The speciality of a mother is mostly about focusing on her baby’s needs. Making a baby happy is one joy the mother can give to a child .

Size of the painting: 22 In by 27 In

Material used: Cloth canvas painting made with oil paint.

Artist Bio

Melicia F. Barrie

I am a talented and innovative fine artist and entrepreneur for over 10 years of experience in drawing and painting. I am the CEO of MelArt Design, a fine art business that provides quality paintings, graphite Art, and Clothing Art services to clients.

My dedication and passion for my work have earned me a reputation as one of the best in the industry.

My artistic journey started early on, and it is no surprise that I have become a fixture in the industry. My strong work ethic and exceptional talent have enabled me to create beautiful and unique pieces of artwork.

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