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Egyptian fintech startup Money Fellows secures $4 million from Arzan Venture Capital

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Arzan Venture Capital, a leading venture capital firm, has announced a significant investment of $4 million in Egyptian fintech startup, Money Fellows.

The strategic funding is set to accelerate Money Fellows’ mission of transforming traditional savings and credit associations through its innovative tech-driven platform.

Money Fellows has been gaining widespread recognition for its groundbreaking approach to ROSCAs, traditional rotating savings and credit associations that have been a cornerstone of financial solidarity for generations.

By harnessing the power of technology, Money Fellows has reimagined this centuries-old practice, providing users with a modern, efficient, and inclusive digital platform to participate in these financial circles.

Arzan Capital’s decision to invest $4 million in Money Fellows underscores the startup’s potential and its immense promise for revolutionizing Egypt’s fintech landscape.

One of Money Fellows’ primary objectives is to foster financial inclusion across Egypt by offering accessible financial services to individuals underserved by traditional banking institutions.

The platform enables members to pool their financial resources, creating a cycle of contributions and payouts, eliminating the need for high-interest loans or credit cards.

With Arzan Capital’s investment, Money Fellows plans to accelerate the platform’s expansion, reaching out to a broader audience in both urban centers and rural areas.

This will empower more Egyptians to take control of their finances, build creditworthiness, and achieve their financial goals, ultimately contributing to the country’s overall economic development.

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