Public Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Scams :

It has come to our attention that individuals purporting to be associated with Empower Africa are involved in a scam targeting UK residents. These scammers are falsely using Empower Africa’s name in conjunction with a NOAH Foundation to deceive and solicit funds from the public.

Empower Africa’s Position :

  • No Affiliation: Empower Africa is not affiliated with the said NOAH Foundation, nor are we conducting any grant-related activities at the moment. Additionally, we do not have agents operating in the UK, and all our activities are conducted through official channels only.
  • Contractual and Ethical Commitment: We adhere strictly to ethical standards and contractual obligations that do not involve unsolicited or unauthorized fees related to grant disbursement.

We urge the public and all our stakeholders to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities purporting to be related to Empower Africa.

Please confirm any communications by contacting us directly through our official channels.

Contact Information:

  • Official Website: []
  • Email: []