Francis Nderitu

He is a Kenyan tech entrepreneur redefining the cold chain industry and transforming how perishable goods are distributed across Kenya.

Having grown up on a farm, he takes pride in supporting African farmers by sharing knowledge to maximize income and constructing efficient value chain solutions, leveraging technology to enhance the process.

He is the founder and managing director of Keep IT Cool (We are hiring) , a Kenyan company that provides cooling services and links supply to demand through a B2B e-commerce platform.

Keep IT Cool, supported by Google, introduces a cutting-edge cold chain-powered smart distribution platform.

This technology-driven solution provides proximity-based cold chain services to underserved fisherfolk and traders in East Africa, incorporating innovative business models and off-grid and on-grid cold chain solutions.

The platform is designed to minimize post-harvest losses and enhance market access.

Additionally, the platform contributes to environmental sustainability by cutting carbon emissions by 51% (69 tCO2e). This is achieved through strategies such as reducing food waste, deploying solar-powered coolers, and using hybrid trucks to enhance logistics in the fishery value chain.

By integrating smart technology and sustainable practices, Francis has addressed critical challenges in food distribution, ensuring that quality and freshness are never compromised.

His company’s innovative approach has not only improved the livelihoods of thousands, including fishermen and farmers but also set a new standard in the industry.

Francis’ contribution to food security in Kenya has earned him accolades and recognition on various prestigious platforms.

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