African Changemaker

Gregory Rockson

Gregory is a Ghanaian tech entrepreneur who dreams of increasing the availability and access to high-quality medicine in Africa.

He is doing this through mPharma, a technology-driven healthcare startup with a mission to connect and empower an inclusive universal medical coverage that benefits everyone in Africa by making access to healthcare affordable and safe.

Born in Ghana, Gregory moved to the US to attend university before returning home to start mPharma.
Founded in 2013, mPharma specializes in vendor-managed inventory, retail pharmacy operations, and market intelligence, serving hospitals, pharmacies, and patients.

The venture-backed startup aims to shake up the healthcare industry in Africa and has a vision of making quality and safe medicine accessible and affordable.
Gregory is also a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a Rotary Scholar at the University of Copenhagen.

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Did you know that over 525 million people used the internet in Africa in 2019? If current growth trends continue, almost 75% of Africans are expected to come online by 2030.

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