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Yvette H.Sesay

Artist Name: Sana

Yvette Hassanatu Sesay, an impassioned visual artist born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa whose fervor for art transcends mere creativity; it embodies a profound belief in the transformative power of artistic expression.

Since an early age, Yvette has been captivated by the boundless possibilities of art, viewing it not just as a medium for self-expression but as a potent instrument for creating meaningful impact and instigating change. Her artistic journey began as a personal exploration, using colored paint mediums to convey her emotions, perspectives, and interpretations of the world around her.

Yvette’s unwavering dedication and commitment to her craft propelled her forward, fostering a deep understanding of the role art plays in connecting people, fostering dialogue, and inspiring societal change. Driven by her conviction that art serves as a catalyst for transformation, Yvette continuously seeks innovative ways to channel her passion into purpose. Her artworks reflect a fusion of creativity

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