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Meaning of the painting: The painting is inspired from the story behind FGM. Which has been within our society for decades now. Yet, it has a sweeter part of it (which is grooming and teaching female the way of life) and the bitter part with is the mutilation of the female genital part hardly spoken about in our culture.
So I use this as an inspiration for my painting.
Half part of the face represents happiness (sweet) and half sadness or regret(bitter). With some form of cubism and deconstruction.

Size of the Paintings: A2

Material Used: Oil on Canva

Artist Bio


Nyakeh Baio

I’m Nyakeh Baio, 3rd year student at the University of Sierra Leone Fourah Bay college. Studying Architecture.
Was born in Bo and raise up in Freetown…
Painting has been more than a hobby for me, it my way of telling my story

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