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54 African investors were selected to join Dream VC’s accelerator program to drive Africa’s VC space

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Dream VC, a leading global accelerator program focused on fostering entrepreneurship and venture capital growth, has selected 54 African investors for its accelerator program.

This milestone marks a significant step forward in shaping the future of venture capital in Africa, providing a platform for aspiring investors to gain valuable skills, knowledge, and connections. The accelerator program aims to equip these aspiring investors with the necessary tools and resources to excel in the dynamic world of venture capital, driving economic growth and innovation across the continent.


The selected investors will undergo an intensive program comprising mentorship, training, and networking opportunities. Seasoned venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, and industry experts will provide valuable insights, share their experiences, and guide participants on investment strategies, due diligence, portfolio management, and fundraising. The selected investors are expected to contribute to the growth and maturation of Africa’s venture capital ecosystem.

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