Code of Conduct

Empower Africa Rules & Code of Conduct

1.  Introduction

1.1  Empower Africa – The Empower Africa Network welcomes legitimate members. Firms and/or individuals seeking membership are invited to complete our membership application.

1.2  Empower Africa membership is subject to approval. Empower Africa reserves the right to restrict, deny, suspend, or terminate membership at any time for any reason. Empower Africa may post the name of members in our directories and post notification with or without explanation when memberships are suspended or terminated.

1.3  All Empower Africa Members must accept, agree and comply with the Empower Africa Network Rules & Code of Conduct. Members are encouraged to contact Empower Africa with questions, comments, and suggestions via email

1.4  The Empower Africa Network Rules & Code of Conduct is subject to change and may be updated. Notice of updates will be posted on the Empower Africa website. Such updates are binding on Empower Africa Members. 

2. Legal and Ethical Business Practices

2.1  Empower Africa is a values driven organization which strives to support the establishment of ethical, fair, secure, transparent, competitive, and efficient markets by bringing together governments, the private sector, NGO’s and all relevant stakeholders that seek to support sustainable economic development in Africa. The Empower Africa Network is a platform meant to enhance collaboration and increase investment, trade and job creation in Africa. The Network enables members to share information, communicate opportunities, and streamline business on the continent. Empower Africa members should accept and support these values.

2.2 Empower Africa Members must fully comply with all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. Empower Africa is a U.S. entity, it is subject to U.S. law and operates in compliance with all applicable U.S. regulations. Such regulations may restrict activities in all markets, including non-U.S. markets.

2.3  Members may not list, buy or sell projects, produce or any other form of offerings on Empower Africa which they know or have reason to know are sourced from entities involved in human rights abuses, terrorist financing, money laundering or are subject to U.S. sanctions. Such restrictions apply whether or not it is legally permissible to trade or list such offerings. In addition to the aforementioned general rule, Empower Africa may suspend and/or restrict offerings based on legal and moral considerations.

2.4  Empower Africa members are held to a high ethical standard which may transcend legal obligations. Members must conduct themselves with integrity and at all times comply with the highest legal and ethical standards. Empower Africa may from time to time require members to comply with specific restrictions based on ethical considerations. Such restrictions will be posted on our website.

2.5  Members may be held accountable for all actions taken that violate Empower Africa Network Rules & Code of Conduct even if such actions take place outside the Empower Africa Network.

2.6  Enforcement of Empower Africa Network Rules & Code of Conduct is at the sole discretion of Empower Africa management.

3. Empower Africa Access and Confidentiality

3.1  Empower Africa Members may not disclose or share their password with any third party. Password use is strictly limited to specific individuals. Members may request additional passwords from Empower Africa customer service ( in the event multiple users require access to Empower Africa. Additional charges may apply.

3.2  Empower Africa Members may not disclose proprietary Empower Africa information to third parties.

3.3  Empower Africa Members may not access, use, store, share or distribute Empower Africa Member information without express permission of Empower Africa.

4. Deal Flow and Opportunities

4.1  Empower Africa Members must relay information and communicate honestly, in good faith and conduct relationships in a way that ensures Empower Africa is a safe, secure and trusted network.

4.2  Members should not post any information on the Network in a manner that leaves room for misrepresentation, misunderstanding or confusion.

4.3  Bait and switch opportunities and false advertising are not allowed. Members may not misrepresent and list wrongful information.

4.5  Unsolicited email marketing, telemarketing and email broadcasting to Empower Africa members are not allowed without express permission. Members must not contact other members who have requested they stop contacting them.

4.7 Members may file complaints about other members by contacting Written complaints may be reviewed by Empower Africa management who may consider suspending or terminating membership or other sanctions.

5. Disclosure

5.1  Empower Africa reserves the right to publicly disclose the identity of any Empower Africa Member that violates the Empower Africa Network Rules & Code of Conduct Member License Agreement.

5.2 Empower Africa reserves the right to disclose the identity and/or any information of any member or 3rd party in the event that Empower Africa is legally compelled to do so by judicial and/or administrative order, applicable law, rule or regulation, and/or otherwise.

6. Communication

6.1  Empower Africa members are encouraged to share their views with us concerning the Empower Africa Network Rules & Code of Conduct and Empower Africa Member License Agreement and other aspects of our service. Whenever and wherever possible we will try to incorporate the recommendations of our Members. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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