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Driving Business in Africa
We are driving sustainable economic development through human capital development
Empower Africa was founded by Ezi Rapaport in 2018 out of the vital need to create significant international awareness and impact during a unique window of opportunity to uplift Sierra Leone.

Since then, the company has grown and evolved. In early 2021, it launched the Empower Africa Business Network to enable businesses and professionals to connect, partner, and create long term value with Africa-based projects.

We liaise with governments, major corporations, and investors to facilitate business opportunities, share deals and distribute thought leadership and content to our platform of global users.

At Empower Africa we believe that business, trade, and investment are the key drivers to enhance quality of life in Africa for everyone.


Ezi Rapaport

Founder & CEO

Harvard graduate and previously the Director of Global Trading for the Rapaport Group, Ezi Rapaport founded Empower Africa with the belief that sustainable economic development is the true way forward for Africa.
“Africa’s true value is within its people.”

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Ezi Rapaport

Chairman of the Board

Daniel Ionescu

Head of Growth


Accelerate empowerment by driving investment, trade and job creation.


1. The Empower Africa Business Network

A dedicated platform to find and post proposals, connect to key stakeholders, source expertise and resources to expand your business.

A dedicated platform to find and post proposals, connect to key stakeholders, source expertise and resources to expand your business.

The Empower Africa Business network connects and enhances collaboration between qualified businesses, investors.

NGOs and governments seeking to drive sustainable economic development in Africa.

2. Trade Missions & International Events

We host International Events and sector focused Trade Missions that provide key international and local stakeholders with the opportunity to network, develop relationships and collaborate on strategic projects.

We host International Events and sector focused Trade Missions that provide key international and local stakeholders with the opportunity to network, develop relationships and collaborate on strategic projects.

Members of our network are offered the opportunity to engage in exclusive invite only events and meet some of the most prominent figures driving business in Africa today.

Attendees of our events range from government ministers and ambassadors to VC and financial leaders. We also hold local events for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to connect and communicate to grow their business.  

3. Project Facilitation & Consulting
Our team of business development professionals and industry experts assist qualified companies to execute strategic projects and expand their business.
Our team of business development professionals and industry experts can assist qualified companies to raise
capital, find partners and execute strategic projects in Africa.

We work with you to intimately understand your company’s needs and objectives to outline a structured and innovative approach.
Our Project Facilitation and Consulting service works with you at every key stages along the way to get you from Plan to Profit.



Drive Business in Africa

Post & Find Deals

Find Opportunities in Africa 

Meet Experts

Solve Business Challenges with Consultants

Connect & Collaborate

With a Trusted Values-Based Community

Get Invited

Attend Exclusive Events

Grow Your Personal Network

Build Essential Business Relationships

Be a Part

of the Mission to Empower Africa

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February 24 2021
Ethiopia and Israel – Celebrating 30 Years of Partnership
Online Event

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Ethiopian Embassy in Israel and 3000 years of friendship, Empower Africa hosted an event focused on Ethiopian & Israeli business collaborations.

February 09, 2021
Driving Business in Africa Event – The Power of People
Online Event
This event answered questions such as, are less people buying into brands? And, in a market where consumers are highly skeptical and trust is built from person to person, how can brands leverage this type of authentic communication at scale?
December 09, 2020

UAE & Israel Uniting
With Africa

Empower Africa hosted its first event in Dubai on December 9, 2020 under the flagship of “UAE and Israel Uniting with Africa” in parallel with the GITEX 2020 Conference. Over 60 guests from the UAE, Israel, Bahrain, Nigeria, Rwanda, Egypt, the UK, the US, France, and India attended Empower Africa’s evening of dining and networking, and included representatives from the investment, startup and business sectors.


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"Meet the Members" Podcast Series

As we continue to welcome new members into our invite-only business community, we have launched a new Poscast Series –  Meet the Members. 

The weekly series is hosted by Shai Bernstein, Empower Africa’s VP of BD and Partnerships, as he highlights the incredible members of the Empower Africa Business Network.

Follow us and tune into our Facebook Page every Monday at 17:00 CAT / 15:00 GMT / 7:00 PST to watch the live episodes!

"I am Empowered" Podcast Series

We launched the “I am Empowered” podcast series! The weekly podcast follows Empower Africa’s own Caleb Zipperstein, Business Development and Investments, and Tendai Chisowa, Venture Fellow at Alumni Ventures Group, as they sit down with savvy tech entrepreneurs, strategic investors, storytellers, and influencers to showcase exciting business opportunities and the people behind them.

Tune into our Facebook Page every Wednesday at 17:00 CAT / 15:00 GMT / 7:00 PST to watch the live podcast!

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Code Monkey

We launched CodeMonkey at Innovation Axis Incubator in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

CodeMonkey is a fun software game and course that teaches children the basics of coding and the value of collaboration. This initiative is meant to enhance quality education in Sierra Leone and help optimize the significant potential of its youth.

Music Studio

We are proud to be partnering with the Kono Artists Movement to create music that instills hope and drives unity and collaboration.

Empower Africa and the Kono Artists Movement opened their first music studio in Koidu and released their first song “Learning is Better and Our Future is Brighter” on January 17th, 2019.

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Suwafe Village Education

We are proud to be partnering with Team Earth to enhance the education of the children of Suwafe Village, Sierra Leone.

​We distribute first-class multimedia education through technology and provide after-school class tutoring and educational support




846.28 Thousand


$1.18 Billion

Main Export Commodities

  • Cloves
  • Essential oils
  • Vanilla

Main Import Commodities

  • Rice
  • Water
  • Poultry meat

Main Export Partners

  • France
  • India
  • Turkey

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The population size is July 2020 est. and GPD is from 2018

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Did you know that over 525 million people used the internet in Africa in 2019? If current growth trends continue, almost 75% of Africans are expected to come online by 2030.
Private-public partnerships are leading the way for cold-chain innovation on the continent. These types of partnerships will grow as African countries continue their race against time to deliver vaccines to their populations. The cold storage solutions designed for Covid vaccine transport will continue to serve the continent long after the pandemic is managed.
Henri Nyakarundi was born in Rwanda, grew up in Burundi, and moved to the United States at nineteen to study computer science. After spending over a decade in Atlanta and founding several businesses in the States, Henri went back to Rwanda on vacation and felt the pull to come back home. Following several years of researching and working on his idea, Henri moved to Rwanda. He founded ARED, a company that provides green solutions to expand digital access and electricity connectivity in Africa and now operates in four countries.
Emmanuel Lahai is a 21 year old entrepreneur from Sierra Leone. After a year of studying civil engineering in Sierra Leone, Lahai won a scholarship to continue his degree in China where he founded Send Me, a business to help Sierra Leoneans buy Chinese-made products online. Now, Send Me is shifting its focus towards facilitating e-commerce within Africa, with the long term goal of connecting small businesses throughout the continent with consumers from all over the world.

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