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Ampersand Expands Electric Motorbike Battery Swap Network in Kenya

Ampersand, a leading provider of electric motorbike solutions in East Africa, is expanding its battery swap network across Nairobi.

Following successful pilots in Hurlingham, Dagoretti, and Mountain View in 2022, 16 additional TotalEnergies service stations will be equipped with battery swap stations starting immediately.

This initiative aligns with TotalEnergies’ commitment to sustainability and aims to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions from Nairobi’s transportation sector.

Ampersand’s battery swap stations provide a convenient and efficient way for electric motorbike riders to exchange their batteries, allowing them to continue their journeys without waiting for long charging times.

“We are transforming the electric motorbike recharging landscape in Nairobi,” says Josh Wale, CEO of Ampersand.

“By strategically placing battery exchange stations within 5 to 10 kilometers of all operational areas, we provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency for our customers. This new network offers the same reliability and customer experience as a petrol station, while supporting the sustainability goals of TotalEnergies and preserving jobs for thousands of employees across Kenya.”

The new network expansion comes as Ampersand prepares to roll out 600,000 electric motorbikes in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Founded in 2016 with the mission to enable the energy transition in the East African transport sector by 2030, Ampersand is committed to providing affordable and sustainable transportation solutions that benefit both riders and the environment.

The official inauguration of one of the new battery swap stations took place recently in the Westlands district, with Jean Philippe Torres, TotalEnergies’ Country Manager, in attendance.

This partnership marks a significant step in Ampersand’s ambitious vision to electrify East African transportation and contribute to a cleaner future for the region.

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