Angela Homsi

Angela is an inspiring tech entrepreneur who is making waves in the realm of sustainable development in Africa.

Having worked with renowned organizations such as Siemens and Microsoft, she has honed her digital transformation, innovation, and sustainability skills. Angela’s expertise lies in leveraging technology to address societal challenges and create sustainable solutions.

She is the Founder of Ignite Power, a clean infra-tech company developing, operating, and financing resilient clean energy-based distributed solutions across Africa.
Ignite’s solutions are deeply affordable and environmentally friendly, rolling out nation-scale interventions, leaving no one behind.

Angela is also a member of the team at Seeds of Peace, where she supports the development of youth who are committed to making a difference.
Her passion for technology, sustainability, and social impact makes her a trailblazer driving sustainable change.

Through her work, she inspires entrepreneurs and leaders to harness the power of technology and innovation for the betterment of society.

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