African Changemaker

Arielle Kitio Tsamo

Born in Yaoundé, Arielle is passionate about technology and strongly believes in the power of education.

She believes technology is a powerful and transversal tool that presents a huge opportunity for developing countries like Cameroon. This passion informed her move to found CAYSTI (Cameroon Youth School Tech Incubator), a startup revolutionizing the tech industry in Cameroon.

At CAYSTI, Arielle has been sharing her passion for computer science with young people through coding.
With a personalized mentoring system supported by virtual reality tools, CAYSTI creates opportunities, positive attitudes, and leadership attitudes that allow its students to engage and excel in science and technology.

Nicknamed the Queen of Cameroon’s digital inclusion drive, Arielle believes that digital inclusion can only be a reality if children get into the tech sector at a young age.

Her drive has won several accolades, including the Margaret Prize 2019 of the African Digital Woman, the National Award of Excellence for Youth, and the TechWomen Award.


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