Champions of Tomorrow: Recognizing 30 Inspirational African Youth Leaders on International Youth Day

Africa, with its vibrant cultures, diverse landscapes, and rich history, is a continent brimming with potential.

But the true driving force behind its transformation lies in its youth—the dynamic, ambitious, and innovative individuals who are shaping a brighter tomorrow.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, African youth are at the forefront of change. Their passion for progress, determination to break barriers, and hunger for knowledge are propelling the continent forward.

With a spirit of resilience born from overcoming challenges, they are rewriting narratives and building bridges towards sustainable development.

From bustling urban centers to remote rural communities, African youth are initiating transformation in every corner.

They are entrepreneurs developing cutting-edge solutions for local challenges, advocates for social justice raising their voices against inequality, and tech pioneers harnessing innovation to bridge gaps in education and healthcare.

As the world marks International Youth Day, Empower Africa proudly spotlights 30 exceptional individuals who are driving positive change, innovation, and progress across the continent.

At Empower Africa, our mission is to catalyze sustainable economic development through human capital investment, and these 30 young leaders are exemplary embodiments of that mission, carving paths of impact in various fields.

1. Jessica Annor – Head of the Youth, Gender and Women’s Empowerment Unit – African Union Development Agency-NEPAD

2. Chido Cleopatra Mpemba – Special Envoy on Youth to African Union Chairperson

3. Cynthia Chigwenya – African Youth Ambassador for Peace (AYAP) for Southern Africa (African Union)

4. Nicholas Addae Mensah – Founder & President – Youth Network For Health Promotion

5. Simi Nwogugu – CEO at JA Africa

6. Joshua Alade – Executive Director – Nigeria Youth SDGs Network

7. Kingsley Godwin – CYPAN Chairperson – The Commonwealth

8. Damilola Hamid Balogun – CEO – Youth Sustainable Development Network

9. Dr. Femi Awoyomi – African Youth Development Champion

10. Lucy Mutuku – CEO – National Youth Caucus Kenya

11. Rogers Omollo – East Africa Coordinator – African Youth Philanthropy Network (AYPN)

12. Arnold Gekonge – Founder – Champions for SDGs Youth

13. Christine Odera – Member Board Of Directors – National Youth Service Kenya

14. Doreen Moraa – AS Young leader 2021

15. Lennox Omondi – Global Youth Ambassador – Theirworld

16. Anita Soina – Head of Socials – African Youth Climate Assembly

17. Gathoni Kungu – Vice President at Youth Up Global

18. Sharmi Surianarain – Chief Impact Officer at Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

19. Mariam Sedky – Youth Advocate Gender Innovation Agora (GIA) at UN Women

20. Emmanuel Wabwire – CEO & Founder Faraja Africa Foundation

21. Denis Wembi – Project CO- Lead, Youth Cast

22. Jovia Kisaakye – Youth Advocate

23. Rebecca Cherop – Youth Advisory Team for Health at Africa CDC

24. Emolot Allan David – Chairperson-AfCFTA Youth Advisory Council

25. Akuot Sarah – Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports (South Sudan)

26. Floyd (Mr F) Mokhena – Youth Advocate

27. Risuna (O) Maluleke – CEO of Young African Entrepreneurs Institute

28. Valentine Mugun – Youth Leader at Global Partnership for Education

29. Mihret Walelgne – Youth Advisor at Mastercard Foundation

30. Zebiba Musema – Pan African Youth Leadership Program Adult Mentor

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