Christian Nwachukwu

Christian Nwachukwu is a Nigerian tech entrepreneur shaping the future of healthcare in Africa through innovative ventures.

He is the CEO of 10mg Pharma, a health-tech startup employing an AI algorithm based on the code tree model to pair healthcare providers with financing partners who meet specific criteria.

A graduate of Aston University, Christian brings a wealth of experience to the intersection of technology and pharmaceuticals.

His commitment to advancing healthcare in Africa is evident in his passion for integrating artificial intelligence into the pharmaceutical landscape at 10mg Pharma.

His deep understanding of the industry and extensive knowledge gained through two postgraduate degrees—a pharmaceutical management MBA and a digital entrepreneurship MSc—positions him as a driving force in the evolving healthcare technology landscape on the continent.

As part of a new generation of technopreneurs, Christian is dedicated to ushering in innovation that transforms healthcare practices and proves commercially viable.

His journey reflects a commitment to bridging the gap between traditional pharmaceutical practices and cutting-edge technology.

With a foundation built on education, experience, and a forward-thinking mindset, he stands at the forefront of those shaping the future of healthcare in Africa through innovative and profitable ventures.

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