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CityBlue Hotels Invests in Sustainable Agtech Startup Farm to Feed

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CityBlue Hotels, a leading African hospitality chain, has announced a strategic investment in Farm to Feed, a B2B platform tackling food waste in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Farm to Feed tackles a significant challenge in the region, where up to half of all crops are lost before reaching consumers.

The platform connects farmers with buyers, focusing on “imperfect” produce that may be perfectly edible but doesn’t meet cosmetic standards.

This not only increases farmer income but also combats food waste, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

“We witnessed the devastating impact of unsold produce firsthand,” said Claire van Enk, Farm to Feed’s Founder and CEO. “Food loss not only affects food security but also contributes to climate change through methane emissions.”

Farm to Feed utilizes technology and on-the-ground logistics to facilitate efficient food delivery.

Their model goes beyond just sourcing produce; they collect data to understand the root causes of food loss and identify opportunities to improve agricultural practices.

“This partnership strengthens our commitment to ESG practices, aligning with the impact investment focus of CityBlue’s parent company, The Diar Group,” stated Jameel Verjee, CityBlue Hotels’ Founder and CEO.

He made the announcement at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum 2024, encouraging other businesses to join Farm to Feed’s efforts in tackling food security, sustainability, and climate challenges.

This investment positions CityBlue Hotels as a leader in sustainable hospitality practices, supporting a more circular food system in Africa.

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