Coumba Sow is a Senegalese agro-economist and public policy specialist.


Her remarkable journey in the service of vulnerable populations in the Sahel region is an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance, local knowledge, and global collaboration. Since 2017, Coumba Dieng Sow has been at the forefront of emergency humanitarian and resilience efforts for the FAO in Africa.

One of the hallmarks of Coumba’s work is her advocacy for the use of endogenous knowledge, including agroecology and local investments, to reduce vulnerabilities and promote sustainable agriculture.
Her belief in the power of communities to adapt and thrive under adverse conditions is both admirable and effective.

Coumba’s most significant initiative is the “1 million cisterns for the Sahel.”
Inspired by Brazil’s successful Fome Zero program, this initiative seeks to provide rural communities with better access to water in the face of climate change. Coumba is currently serving as FAO’s Country Representative for Rwanda.

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