Diamond Matter

Meaning of the painting: Indigenous people in the mining areas specially in the diamond areas are crying betterly as thir own persentage to develop their communities are deprived since 1930 the first diamong was discovered in Kono District of Sierra Leone . Exploitation is the other of the day . Youths abandon formal / techvoc education & embark on diamong mining throughout their life with no benefit. They needs their own share

Size of the Paintings: 1 ft 8 In by 1 ft 3 In

Material Used: Oil / Emotion on Canvas, acrylic

Artist Bio

Sheku Shakalearn Mansaray

Creative Visual Artist , Diploma in Applied Art & Community Development Studies @ the Milton Margai College of Education & Technology , now University of Sierra Leone . Commonwealth Art & Craft Award Winner 2005 / 2006 respectively , & other Awards ; UNIFPA Art computition , Anti Corruption Arts computition to name a few . Founder / CEO Peacewaves SL , Coordinator Peacelinks SL & Ars teacher @ the Tower Hill Kindergarten & Primary School , Freetown

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