E bana

Meaning of the painting: This is a dried up banana leaf that’s is painted with different colours. Bananas are fruits that are common and in Sierra Leone, the leaves are used to wrap food and even eat off it. The dried leaves are used turned to medicinal drinks. The colours represent my specialty which is abstract paintings and the joy I get when banana season starts.

Size of the Painting:  12 In by 16 In 

Material Used: Acrylic paint, Liquitex varnish and Canvas

Artist Bio

Elissa Habib El-Ali

Hello, my name is Elissa. My artist name is Lizo. I’m an abstract artist. I’m half Sierra Leonean and half Lebanese.
I grew up in the beautiful and bustling city of Freetown. Growing up I’ve always been someone who loves being creative. I discovered my talent at a very young age, but didn’t act upon it until about 2 years
ago, when I got inspired by the different types of art in some countries I’ve visited. Starting my painting journey was the best decision I ever made because painting makes me feel real and allows me to express my emotions by turning them into art.

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