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Eastcastle, a telecom infrastructure provider, gets $60 million investment from IFC to accelerate digital connectivity in DRC

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EASTCASTLE INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED, one of the leading telecom infrastructure providers, has secured a $60 million investment from the IFC – International Finance Corporation.

The funding will be utilized to expand EastCastle’s telecom towers network across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), bolstering connectivity and improving access to telecommunications services in the country. EastCastle has been at the forefront of providing reliable and efficient telecom infrastructure solutions in the DRC, where access to telecommunications services remains a significant challenge due to geographical constraints and limited infrastructure.


With this new investment, EastCastle aims to bridge the digital divide by expanding its network of telecom towers, which will enhance connectivity and facilitate the delivery of affordable and high-quality telecommunications services to previously underserved areas. The $60 million investment from IFC comes at a critical time when the DRC is experiencing rapid growth in mobile phone usage and demand for reliable network coverage.


The expansion of EastCastle’s telecom towers network will contribute significantly to meeting this growing demand, especially in remote and rural areas where connectivity has traditionally been scarce. As EastCastle prepares to expand its telecom towers network, the company will collaborate closely with local communities, mobile network operators, and relevant stakeholders to ensure the efficient deployment and maintenance of the infrastructure.

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