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Empower Africa to lead an Agricultural Trade Mission to Sierra Leone November 4 - 7, 2019

Empower Africa to lead an Agricultural Trade Mission to Sierra Leone November 4 – 7, 2019 to enhance food security and drive sustainable economic development.

EMPOWER AFRICA PRESS RELEASE, October 31, 2019…Empower Africa is excited to announce that it will be leading an Agricultural Trade Mission to Sierra Leone November 4-7, 2019 to enhance food security and help drive sustainable economic development. A detailed itinerary can be accessed online here.

Sierra Leone has fertile soil and abundant water, and approximately two-thirds of the population already works in agriculture. Despite these favorable conditions, 85% of arable land lies uncultivated and most of Sierra Leone’s food is imported. Businesses that bring the right seeds, fertilizers, and farming techniques to Sierra Leone have a great opportunity to build profitable partnerships while contributing to the country’s long term economic prosperity.

President Bio’s recently announced National Development Plan aims to diversify the economy with the goal of stimulating human capital development. This plan has opened a window for agriculture companies to enter into mutually profitable projects in Sierra Leone.

This Trade Mission offers agriculture companies a unique chance to explore and build an in depth understanding of the commercial opportunities in Sierra Leone. Participants will also interact with local agriculture businesses and representatives of the Sierra Leone Government while building important business relationships during planned conferences and networking events.

Empower Africa’s Director of Agriculture, Maoz Aviv, will lead a highly specialized delegation of international companies who have a broad range of agriculture expertise. Maoz is a leading global agronomist and brings with him over twenty years of experience in a wide variety of agricultural activities.

Highlights from the itinerary include onsite visits to local agriculture operations, a full day conference and networking events which include one-on-one meetings with local business representatives and government officials.

Following the Trade Mission, Empower Africa will assist the participants in cementing the connections built during the trip and in laying the foundation for long-lasting business relationships in Sierra Leone.

This Trade Mission is part of Empower Africa’s larger strategy of facilitating mutually beneficial business ventures in order to drive sustainable economic development in Africa.

“We are encouraged by President Bio and the Sierra Leone Government’s ‘New Direction’ focused on human capital development. We believe that there is currently a unique window of opportunity for the private sector to drive sustainable economic development in Sierra Leone and agriculture is a vital sector that will enhance food security and help jumpstart the economy. Our Agriculture Trade Mission this November 4-7 will explore strategic commercial opportunities for the private sector and the country, and we call on industry leaders to join us on our mission.” – Ezi Rapaport, Founder and CEO of Empower Africa.

“We thank Empower Africa for its ongoing support and for organizing this important Agriculture Trade Mission. We take this opportunity to invite genuine investors and leading agriculture companies to Sierra Leone. In line with our Government’s ‘New Direction’ focused on human capital development and our plans to diversify our economy, our Ministry of Agriculture has recently released our ‘National Agriculture Transformation Plan’. This plan outlines many commercial opportunities in the agriculture sector and our government is committed to working with the private sector and international investors that can assist with our country’s development efforts. Sierra Leone is open for business.” – Mr. Abubakarr KaiKai, Special Envoy Trade and Investment, Government of Sierra Leone

View the full itinerary and learn about the Trade Mission here.

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