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Felix Rhodes

Artist Name: Felix

Felix Rhodes is a Sierra Leonean based graphic designer, illustrator,
painter & sculptor. He is well known for his very colourful and vibrant
abstract expressionist work. With a life long ability to create art & a BFA in arts, he is focused on depicting everyday lives of people, animals, the
environment and social issues. He works with different mediums including oil & acrylic paints, charcoal, pastels & wire and found objects on different surfaces. 

He also paints wall murals. He also combines different mediums to
create unique pieces to bring attention to the connectivity of nature and
man-made objects with attention to sustainability & environmental protection. With also having interests in design innovations, he utilizes his trainings & skills in craft & sculpture building to design & build innovative solutions for various problems & needs in our society.

Felix was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and earned his BFA & AAS in
Art & Graphic Design at Minnesota State University & Bergen Community
College, NJ.

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