Meaning of the painting: The joker in art symbolize deeper themes such as duality, irony, chaos, and hidden truths. It may serve as a social commentary on the contradictions and complexities of human nature or as a reflection of societal issues and illusions. The joker’s mask-like face might highlight the masks people wear in their daily lives or the ambiguity between authenticity and performance.

Size of the Paintings: 3ft by 4 ft

Material Used: Oil on Canva

Artist Bio

Kabba Bangura

My name is KABBA BANGURA. I started my artistic journey from a very young age. My artistic name is MOTEN ARTS. My artwork embodies a harmonious blend of traditional elements and contemporary flair, combining vivid colors, intricate details, and powerful symbolism. Each brushstroke carries intent and emotion, inviting viewers to experience the stories and messages embedded within my work.

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