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Kenyan Agri-Fintech Startup Apollo Agriculture Secures $10 Million From Swedfund and ImpactConnect to Empower African Farmers

Leading Kenyan agri-fintech startup Apollo Agriculture has secured a $10 million investment from Swedfund and ImpactConnect to fuel its rapid expansion across Africa.

This capital injection will enable the company to empower more small-scale farmers with the tools and resources they need to increase their profits, adopt sustainable practices, and boost food security.

Apollo Agriculture leverages cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and automation to address the unique challenges faced by smallholder farmers.

Their platform provides access to top-quality farm inputs, optimized financing and digital advice.

Since its inception, Apollo Agriculture has already made a significant impact, reaching over 350,000 farmers in Kenya and Zambia.

The new investment will allow the company to expand its reach further within Kenya, empowering even more farmers with the digital tools and financial resources they need to thrive.

The funding will not only enhance productivity and profitability but also play a crucial role in promoting sustainable farming practices.

By equipping farmers with the knowledge and resources to adapt to climate change, Apollo Agriculture is contributing to long-term food security across the continent.

Eli Pollak, CEO of Apollo Agriculture, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:

“This partnership with Swedfund and ImpactConnect is a significant milestone for Apollo Agriculture. The investment positions us to rapidly scale our operations, enabling more farmers to access the essential products and financial services they need to feed their families and communities and adapt to climate change.”

“This funding unlocks the potential to serve 400,000 additional farmers during the loan’s term, accelerating Apollo’s growth. We are grateful for the trust and confidence that both Swedfund and ImpactConnect have placed in our vision, and we look forward to achieving transformative growth together.”

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