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Kenyan agtech FarmWorks secures $4 million in pre-Series A funding to revolutionize agriculture technology

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Kenyan agtech startup Farmworks has secured $4 million in pre-Series A funding to fuel its mission to transform agricultural practices in Kenya and beyond.

The investment will allow Farmworks to enhance its technology platform further and expand its reach, empowering farmers and revolutionizing the agriculture sector.

The funding round was led by Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund, an existing investor. Livelihood Impact Fund, Vested World, several family offices, and angel investors also participated in the round.

Founded in 2018, Farmworks has gained recognition for its cutting-edge technological solutions to boost agricultural productivity and efficiency.

The platform leverages data analytics, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to provide farmers with valuable insights into crop management, weather forecasting, and pest control.

With a user-friendly mobile application, Farmworks enables smallholder farmers to access personalized recommendations and timely information on crop care, disease prevention, and optimal harvesting periods.

Agriculture is a vital sector in Kenya, employing a significant portion of the country’s population and contributing substantially to its economy.

However, farmers often face challenges such as unpredictable weather patterns, limited access to resources and information, and fluctuating market prices.

Farmworks aims to bridge these gaps by providing farmers with actionable insights to make informed decisions and improve their overall productivity.

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