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Kenyan Climate-Tech Startup Amini Secures $4 Million in Seed Funding

Amini, a Kenyan climate-tech startup dedicated to bridging the environmental data gap in Africa, has secured $4 million in a seed funding round led by Salesforce Ventures and the Female Founders Fund.

Climate-tech VC Satgana also participated in the round alongside other investors, including Pale Blue Dot and Superorganism, which had previously backed the startup in its $2 million pre-seed round earlier this year.

Amini’s innovative platform utilizes satellite data, sensor data, research, and ground truthing to provide comprehensive insights on various environmental parameters, including biodiversity, soil health, crop health, farming progress, water usage, and fertilizer use.
This data-driven approach enables the creation of real-time monitoring tools and machine-learning models to support diverse actions, including flood detection.

“We are building a platform that will make environmental data on Africa easily accessible, empowering informed decision-making and fostering transparency in supply chains,” remarked Kate Kallot, Amini founder and CEO.
“Our goal is to hold brands accountable for their sustainability commitments and equip them with the data necessary to demonstrate their progress.”

Amini’s initial clientele includes enterprises in the agricultural and insurance industries, including Aon.
Moving forward, the company targets food and beverage companies and consumer packaged goods producers seeking to transform their supply chains sustainably.
This focus aligns with the growing demand for supply chain transparency, driven by new U.S. and European regulations that mandate corporate disclosure of climate risks in their supply chains.

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