Kenya's leading telco Safaricom to start investing in tech startups via new funding ventures
Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications giant, has revealed its ambitious plan to bolster the tech startup ecosystem by launching two new subsidiaries.

This strategic move is aimed at investing in and supporting innovative tech startups in Kenya and beyond.

With a strong commitment to nurturing local talent and driving digital innovation, Safaricom seeks to play a pivotal role in propelling the growth of the technology sector and fostering entrepreneurial success in the region.

The two new subsidiaries introduced by Safaricom are:

– Safaricom Ventures: Safaricom Ventures will function as the company’s corporate venture arm, focusing on investing in early-stage tech startups.

Through this subsidiary, Safaricom aims to identify and back promising entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas that align with its core values of digital transformation and customer-centric innovation.

– Safaricom Innovation Lab: The Safaricom Innovation Lab is an incubation center designed to nurture startups through their initial stages of development.

The lab will offer a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to experiment, develop prototypes, and refine their business models.

The lab will have state-of-the-art facilities, expert guidance, and collaborative spaces to foster creativity and idea-sharing among budding entrepreneurs.

The introduction of Safaricom Ventures and the Safaricom Innovation Lab brings a wealth of opportunities for the startup community in Kenya and beyond.

Safaricom’s decision to invest in tech startups through Safaricom Ventures and the Safaricom Innovation Lab is a significant leap towards nurturing innovation and driving technological advancements in Kenya and beyond.

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