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Malian Industrial Giant Ibi Group Launches Electric Vehicle Subsidiary "Angata"

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The Malian industrial conglomerate Ibi Group, known for its work in aviation, renewable energies, and irrigation systems, has expanded its operations into the urban transport sector with the launch of a new subsidiary, Angata.

Angata, which translates to “Let’s go” in Bambara, aims to revolutionize transportation in Bamako by offering electric vehicles (EVs) powered by solar energy.

The company will initially focus on selling electric cars and taxis with a range of up to 300 kilometers. These vehicles will be imported until Ibi Group establishes its own manufacturing plant for EVs in Mali.

“There’s a significant cost difference between traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles and electric vehicles,” said Ibrahima Diawara, CEO of Ibi Group.

“Internal combustion engines cost roughly 100 CFA francs (around €0.15) per kilometer for small vehicles and 200 CFA francs (€0.30) for larger ones. With our electric vehicles, each kilowatt covers 12 kilometers, translating to less than 15 CFA francs (under €0.02) per kilometer. That’s a major change!”

Diawara pointed to China, where a significant portion of vehicles on the road are already electric, and upcoming bans on internal combustion vehicles in developed countries by 2035 as evidence of the shift towards electric mobility.

Mali, with its abundant sunshine (averaging 4,200 hours annually), is well-positioned to capitalize on solar energy and reduce reliance on expensive and polluting fossil fuels.

Moussa Alassane Diallo, Mali’s Minister of Industry and Trade, expressed the government’s support for the private sector’s role in developing electric mobility during the Angata launch ceremony.

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