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Microsoft ADC Launches WINS Mentorship Program to Empower Women in Tech

Microsoft Kenya’s Africa Development Centre (ADC) has launched the Women Inspiring and Nurturing Students (WINS) program.

This year-long mentorship initiative pairs 70 female Kenyan university students pursuing technology degrees with experienced women working at Microsoft.

The program’s launch coincided with International Women’s Day, highlighting Microsoft’s commitment to increasing female representation in the tech sector.

“We see a significant underrepresentation of women in technology fields,” said Catherine Muraga, Managing Director of Microsoft ADC.

“WINS aims to address this by providing mentorship and support to young women in tech, encouraging them to complete their studies and pursue successful careers.”

Muraga emphasized the importance of diversity in driving innovation. “WINS aligns with our broader diversity and inclusion goals,” she stated.

“By empowering women in tech, we contribute to a more inclusive industry and a brighter future for technology as a whole.”

The inaugural WINS cohort includes students from prestigious Kenyan universities like the University of Nairobi, Kabarak University, and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The program complements existing Microsoft ADC initiatives focused on women in tech, including campus tours, faculty development programs, and the Game of Learners challenge.

WINS signifies Microsoft’s dedication to building a more inclusive tech landscape in Kenya and beyond.

By investing in young women’s education and professional growth, the program paves the way for a more diverse and innovative future for the tech industry.

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