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Microsoft and Cyber Shujaa Partner to Train 100 Kenyans in Cybersecurity

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Microsoft, through its Africa Development Centre (ADC) in Kenya, has joined forces with Cyber Shujaa to upskill 100 Kenyan students in cybersecurity.

This initiative is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to strengthening the cybersecurity talent pool in Kenya’s booming technology sector.

Cyber Shujaa is a youth-oriented program established by a consortium of three organizations: Serianu Limited, United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa), and the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA).

The program offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical training, delivered through a hybrid learning model that combines classroom instruction with one-on-one sessions and weekly mentorship.

The three-month program will target a mix of 70 undergraduate students and 30 graduate students with less than two years of professional experience.

The curriculum will cover eight critical cybersecurity domains: network security, application security, cloud security, incident response, security architecture, Internet of Things (IoT) security, and forensics.

“Cybersecurity is a cornerstone for secure operations across various industries, yet there’s a significant gap in skilled professionals,” said Catherine Muraga, Managing Director of Microsoft ADC. “This partnership with Cyber Shujaa exemplifies our commitment to establishing Kenya as a hub for cybersecurity talent.”

Equipping graduates with industry-recognized skills is a key focus of the program. Participants will be eligible to earn two Microsoft cybersecurity certificates, enhancing their employability in the cybersecurity job market.

“This timely collaboration with Microsoft will provide a much-needed boost to the cybersecurity industry, particularly across Africa,” said Igor Sakhnov, Corporate Vice President of Engineering at Microsoft, during the program launch.

Cyber Shujaa boasts a proven track record, having already trained over 500 individuals in cybersecurity and data protection with competency-based skills development programs.

This new partnership with Microsoft signifies a significant step forward in addressing the growing demand for cybersecurity expertise in Kenya and beyond.

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