Meaning of the painting: Queen Nefertiti, an iconic figure of ancient Egypt, reigned alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century BCE. She is renowned for her beauty and the famous bust that bears her likeness. Nefertiti played a significant role in the religious and artistic revolution of the Amarna Period. Her elegance and influence left an indelible mark on Egyptian history, and she continues to be a symbol of grace and power in the ancient world.

Size of the Painting:  23.5 In by 15.5 In

Material Used: Mixed media on linen

Artist Bio

Mustapha Marray Conteh

During Covid Snazzy started a new technique borne out of trying to help local mask carvers who were out of business due to travel restrictions. He bought the masks from the carvers and painted them with diverse designs and an array of colours changing the perspective of masks that are usually black or brown.

Snazzy is a self taught visual artist who has been showcasing his art since joining The Barray in 2015. Among his body of work are pencil drawings and portraits, abstract paintings on canvas with vibrant colours and designs using the one line technique. He believes artists should not conform to rules if they want to reach their full potential in creating. He is open to collaboration with other artists.

Facebook- Mustapha Marray-Conteh
Instagram- snazzy_5

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