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Pan-African Talent Cloud Company Gebeya Partners with O'Reilly to Upskill African Workforce

Gebeya, a leading Pan-African talent cloud company, has announced a strategic partnership with O’Reilly, a respected provider of technology and business learning solutions, to empower African professionals in the digital age.

This collaboration will grant users across Gebeya’s Talent Cloud platforms access to O’Reilly’s expansive library of over 5,000 tech-focused courses.

Developed by industry experts, these resources cover a wide range of in-demand skills, including data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and more.

“We’re excited to partner with Gebeya on this impactful initiative,” said Alexia Pedersen, Senior Vice President International at O’Reilly.

“Our comprehensive learning solutions, offered in various formats like books, videos, and online courses, will equip African talent with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the evolving tech landscape.”

Gebeya’s AI-powered talent cloud platform allows partners to curate talent ecosystems, source candidates, assess skills, and build communities.

This partnership empowers Talent Cloud owners to offer O’Reilly’s content at a reduced cost and in local currencies, expanding accessibility for African learners.

“By integrating O’Reilly’s resources, we’re arming African professionals with the skills to excel in the digital economy,” said Martin Ndlovu, Chief Growth Officer of Gebeya.

This collaboration further strengthens Gebeya’s existing partnership with Microsoft, aiming to establish the largest Microsoft Talent Cloud dedicated to Africa.

Launching next week, will leverage O’Reilly’s curated Microsoft-aligned courses to bolster skill development for sought-after tech roles.

Learners who complete these programs will earn industry-recognized badges certifying their Azure competencies.

Additionally, they will gain access to practical resources like Azure labs, sandbox environments, and practice exams, preparing them to meet the demands of Microsoft partner talent needs.

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