Portraying Mandela: A Beacon of Hope

Meaning of the painting:  This unique piece of art pays homage to the late Nelson Mandela, a universally celebrated figure who devoted his life to the cause of racial equality and justice. Nelson Mandela Wan more than a political leader: he was a symbol of resistance, resilience, and hope, a beacon that guided millions towards the path of freedom and democracy.

This drawing captured Mandela’s indomitable spirit and unyielding resolve. His portrait, etched with painstaking precision, showcases his innate kindness and unwavering determination, both hallmarks of his character.

His eyes, the windows to his soul, sparkle with an infectious optimism that continues to inspire individuals worldwide, even years after passing.
Mandela’s distinct features are rendered with a depth and nuances that bring him back to life, allowing us to glimpse into the heart of a man who preserved through decades of imprisonment with out ever losing his faith in humanity’s capacity for good. The wrinkles etched on his face serves as silent treatment to his his struggle and triumphs, each a story of resilience and courage in the face of tremendous adversity.

This drawing is not just a tribute to Nelson Mandela, but also a reminder of enduring power of human spirit, resilience, and the essence of Mandela’S legacy: that no matter the adversity faced, the pursuit of equality and freedom is cause worth dedicating one’s life to. And in that dedication, one person can truly change the world.

In the end, the drawing is an attempt to capture the spirit of a man, who in his own words, declared “it’s always seem impossible until it’s done”. Through this artwork, we hope to keep alive the memory of Nelson Mandela, reminding each of us the power persistence, the importance of equality, and enduring strength of the human spirit.

Size of the Paintings: 50cm by 70 cm

Material Used: Charcoal

Artist Bio

Mohamed Abu Kamara

Mohamed Abu Kamara also known as Aloko Arts (b. 2000) a Sierra Leonean artist based in Freetown known for his realistic pencil and charcoal drawing.


Aloko began drawing at the age of 9yrs, using graphite pencil and charcoal officially started drawing in 2019. The self artist has developed his drawing skill since 2019 by applying the 3ps practice, patience and persistence. Aloko works from reference images, from live models and his own imagination to create these works often spend 2-4 months to create his subject.


“I draw inspiration from from experience and basically everything that sparks a feeling of necessity. I love spending countless hours working on an artwork to connect with deep and strong emotions. I have been working on these principles of 3 ps namely practice, patience and persistence. They have been guiding me through the years towards perfecting my craft.

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