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Senegalese Startup Kwely Secures Funding to Expand Made-in-Africa Products Globally

Senegalese startup Kwely has secured funding from Fuzé, a venture capital arm of leading investment group Digital Africa.
This marks a significant step forward for the company’s mission to bring high-quality African-made products to the global market.

Founded in 2020, Kwely operates as a B2B wholesale distribution network, working with local suppliers to develop and elevate African brands for export. 
Their aim is to not only connect these producers with international buyers but also redefine global perceptions of African products.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fuzé, who shares our vision of showcasing the best of Africa to the world,” said Birame Sock Ali Mnif, Kwely’s Founder and CEO. “This investment will be instrumental in achieving our goals and empowering local artisans and businesses.”

Ali Mnif, Chief Investment Officer of Digital Africa, highlighted Kwely’s innovative approach to supporting local production and their initial successes. “We are confident in Kwely’s potential to make a significant impact on the global e-commerce landscape,” he added.

Kwely goes beyond a simple distribution platform, acting as a catalyst for international exposure to African-made goods.
Their goals include placing these products in major retail outlets, hotels, airports, and speciality stores worldwide.

Kwely’s commitment to quality extends beyond its own offerings. In 2021, they launched the TEKKI Challenge, supporting ten Senegalese food and cosmetics companies to enhance their branding, packaging, and market access.  

The partnership with Fuzé signifies a pivotal moment for Kwely, reflecting the growing global interest in African-made products.
With Digital Africa and Fuzé’s support, Kwely is poised to redefine the landscape of African e-commerce and bring the richness of African products to a wider audience around the world.

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