Time To Shine

Meaning of the painting: A portrait that explores the universal human struggle of realising one’s full potential in the face of societal pressures and fear of failure.

The drawing depicts a man credling a lamp concentrating intently as he increases the brightness of its flame. This simple yet powerful imagery illustrates the inner battle within each of us playing it safe and staying dimly lit versus having the courage to shine as brightly as we can. The man’s furrowed brow and look of determination suggest he is fearful but yet resolute to his inner light glow. The flame represent the unique talents, skills, and passion within all people that yearn to exposed and shared with the world. However the flame starts small and wavering, reflecting the hesitation we often feel to fully be ourselves.

There is uncertainty how society will receive our light and what critics and naysayers may think. Yet the the man persists, gradually building up the fire’s radiance. This caputer how we must bravely fan out talents into their full incandescence, even when we doubt ourselves or face external pressure to conform and play it small.

The title “Time to Shine” is a call to action, reminding viewers that now is always the time to have courage, take risks, and let your inner brilliance and creativity shine bright for all to see. Through this moving artwork, I (ALOKO ARTS) inspire us to be bold and unleash our talent upon the world. When we illuminate the full spectrum of our gifts, but permission others to do the same by the inspiration of our examples.

Size of the Paintings: 50cm by 70 cm

Material Used: Graphite

Artist Bio

Mohamed Abu Kamara

Mohamed Abu Kamara also known as Aloko Arts (b. 2000) a Sierra Leonean artist based in Freetown known for his realistic pencil and charcoal drawing.


Aloko began drawing at the age of 9yrs, using graphite pencil and charcoal officially started drawing in 2019. The self artist has developed his drawing skill since 2019 by applying the 3ps practice, patience and persistence. Aloko works from reference images, from live models and his own imagination to create these works often spend 2-4 months to create his subject.


“I draw inspiration from from experience and basically everything that sparks a feeling of necessity. I love spending countless hours working on an artwork to connect with deep and strong emotions. I have been working on these principles of 3 ps namely practice, patience and persistence. They have been guiding me through the years towards perfecting my craft.

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