Widow Mom

Meaning of the painting:  The feelings that a widow has for her child is uncountable, she always seeking for protection for her child and love to see the child grow healthy and good manners, what a heroic Mom.

Size of the Paintings:  26 In by 30 In

Material Used: Oil on canvas

Artist Bio

Ousman Kamara

I was born February 02 2002 in a town call Magburaka, Tonkolili District, l started practice art in the age of 5, the following year l travel to Freetown to stay with my aunt, at the age of 12, l lost my Dad and my Mom at 17 since then life because difficult with me my aunt asked me out of her house because I was so focused in my dreams.

 l stay with my friend’s family and they treated me so well, they always give me confidence to keep my dream real and in 2015 l meet a good friend in the name of James Tyrell he is always there for me both academic and health concerns, he is also the founder of laughter Africa, he gave me second chances.

Part of my artistic work am also a Medical laboratory student at the Milton Margai Technical University of Sierra Leone for conclusion I want to be a medical professional and a professional Artist as well, all that will happen through the help of my costumers by buying my paintings

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