African Changemaker

Ada Nduka Oyom

Ada is a trailblazing Nigerian woman who has made significant contributions to the tech industry as a software developer and the Founder of She Code Africa.

Ada’s journey in the tech industry began when she realized that very few women like herself were actively pursuing a career in technology. Driven by a desire to change this narrative, Ada founded She Code Africa with a vision to empower women and girls to participate in the tech industry and build successful careers in technology.

Through She Code Africa, Ada has provided training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to young girls and women across Africa, helping to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry.
She has inspired many women to pursue careers in tech, and she has created a supportive community that helps them thrive in the industry.

She is passionate about using technology to create positive change in the world, and she has leveraged her skills to work on projects that make a difference in people’s lives.
Ada’s contributions to the tech industry and dedication to empowering women in tech have not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her work, including being named one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30.

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