Adeola Alli

Adeola Alli is a Nigerian tech entrepreneur behind, a pioneering health-tech startup in Nigeria.

With her passion for transforming healthcare, Alli is revolutionizing pharmacare and improving access to medication through innovative digital solutions. As a pharmacist, Alli recognized the challenges faced by patients in accessing essential medications and healthcare services. Determined to bridge this gap, she founded OneHealth, an innovative platform that leverages technology to digitize and streamline the pharmacare experience.

Through OneHealth, Alli aims to empower patients by providing convenient access to medication, healthcare information, and personalized support.
The platform offers a range of services, including prescription management, medication reminders, online consultations with pharmacists, and doorstep delivery of medications. One of the key accomplishments of Adeola Alli and her team at OneHealth is their commitment to driving the digital transformation of pharmacare in Nigeria.

By embracing technology and digital solutions, they are improving medication adherence, reducing errors, and enhancing the overall patient experience.
With her leadership and innovative approach, Alli is driving significant change in the Nigerian healthcare industry and making a positive impact by making medication and healthcare services more accessible, convenient, and efficient for patients across the country.

As the CEO of OneHealth, she continues to inspire and pave the way for future health-tech entrepreneurs in Nigeria, showcasing the power of technology in improving healthcare outcomes and transforming lives.

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