Amy Sarr Fall

Amy Sarr Fall is a prominent Senegalese figure known for her multifaceted contributions to journalism, education, and women’s rights.

As the founder and director of Intelligences Presse, she has championed various causes, symbolizing the spirit of a true African Changemaker.

Intelligences Presse is a platform for awareness, dialogue, and, change.

In 2012, she launched « La Grande Rentrée Citoyenne », a conference that gathers annually 2000 students from all over the country and 60 mentors.
The conference gives voice to pioneers from various fields who have had an impact in their respective communities.

She also created the platform, Global Citizens’ Initiative for Education, which gathers leading figures in international politics, science, and culture.

Her impactful contribution has won her multiple awards, including being named among the 100 most influential young Africans by the Africa Youth Awards.

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