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BFA Global, FSD Africa, and IUCN Select 10 African Startups for Blue and Green Economy Initiatives

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Ten African startups have been chosen to receive funding as part of the Africa Blue Wave and Regen Wave initiatives, a collaborative effort to unlock solutions for a sustainable future.

Recognizing the potential of young African innovators, the initiatives aim to support solutions for the continent’s blue (ocean) and green (land) economies. 
The programs were funded by FSD Africa and the Canadian Government and implemented by TECA, an initiative of BFA Global.

Through a fellowship program, the Waves fostered the development of solutions promoting sustainable use of resources, livelihoods, and landscape regeneration.
Startups from seven countries – Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Tanzania – were selected for their innovative approaches to challenges like waste management, clean energy, and sustainable agriculture.
Notably, half of the chosen startups are led by women.

“We are proud to support these visionary entrepreneurs tackling Africa’s environmental challenges,” said Rasima Swarup, TECA Director at BFA Global. 

The funded startups include:

1. ARK (Kenya): Facilitates entry into the international renewable energy certificate market, creating new revenue streams for renewable energy projects.
2. Eco Guardian (Rwanda): Develops a digital device and service for environmental pollution monitoring.
3. Khwezi Innovations (South Africa): Creates a biodegradable, two-in-one hand and glove sanitizer.
4. Mada Fia (Madagascar): Utilizes Japanese fish drying techniques (Himono) and establishes a marketplace for fish products.
5. Lima Aja (Rwanda): Specializes in organic fertilizer production using IoT sensors to create customized fertilizers for smallholder farmers.
6. PETsPoint (Nigeria): Provides a digital platform for efficient waste collection by both formal and informal collectors.
7. Plas Tech (Kenya): Converts plastic waste into safe cooking gas, offering a more sustainable cooking fuel source.
8. Samaking (Kenya): Establishes a chain of franchisable, tech-enabled fish retail shops with upstream capabilities to source produce from local farmers and fishers.
9. Sunwave (Tanzania): Designs and manufactures solar-powered ice makers for fish storage.
10. Xi Bassile (Mozambique): Provides sustainable drainage solutions using Bioswale and Planter Box technology to filter and retain stormwater, mitigating flooding and improving water quality.

“Africa’s talent is key to a successful green transition,” said Mary Kashangaki, Assistant Manager for Digital Innovation at FSD Africa.
“We are honored to support these innovators who are working towards solving critical climate challenges.”

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