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Clean Energy Firms Astra Energy and Powertron Global Team Up to Tackle Waste in Africa

US-based clean energy companies Astra Energy and Powertron Global have joined forces to establish a joint venture focused on waste-to-energy projects across Africa.

This collaboration aims to address the continent’s growing waste crisis while providing a sustainable source of power.

Astra Energy already boasts a developing project portfolio in Africa.

Notably, they secured agreements in Zanzibar, Tanzania, to convert 300 tons of daily municipal waste into 50 MW of electricity for Unguja, the island’s main town.

Additionally, in Lesotho, Astra is working towards a 100 MW project that incorporates waste-to-energy solutions.

The new joint venture will see Astra contribute its waste-to-energy technology valued at $5 million in exchange for a 40% ownership stake.

This partnership will focus on Astra’s existing projects in Eastern and Southern Africa.

“These ventures will tackle waste management, generate additional clean energy, enhance electricity supply reliability crucial for economic growth, and lower carbon emissions,” Astra stated.

The need for such solutions is stark. According to a study by Australian researcher Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, sub-Saharan Africa’s annual waste generation has more than doubled from 2012 to 2016, and is projected to rise further by 2030.

Waste collection rates remain a challenge, with sub-Saharan Africa estimated to have only 44% municipal solid waste collection coverage in 2018.

Waste-to-energy plants not only generate clean energy but also incentivize better waste collection and reduce pressure on landfills like Kibele in Zanzibar, which receives an average of 120 tons of waste daily.

This partnership between Astra Energy and Powertron Global signifies a promising step towards tackling Africa’s waste woes and bolstering its clean energy sector.

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