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Digital-first and data-led distribution platform Kyosk Digital Services acquires KwikBasket to revolutionize the African fresh produce market

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Kyosk aims to leverage its technological prowess to streamline the supply chain, enhance convenience, and improve access to high-quality fresh produce across the continent.

Kyosk Digital Services, a digital-first and data-driven distribution platform known for its innovative solutions in the digital retail space, has set its sights on the untapped potential of the African fresh produce market with the acquisition of e-grocery platform KwikBasket.

KwikBasket has earned a strong reputation for its user-friendly interface, wide product selection, and efficient delivery network. By joining forces with Kyosk, KwikBasket’s platform will benefit from advanced digital capabilities and a robust infrastructure, enabling it to scale rapidly and meet the evolving needs of customers. The acquisition aligns with Kyosk’s broader vision to transform Africa’s retail landscape through digital innovation.


By integrating KwikBasket’s operations into its existing ecosystem, Kyosk aims to offer consumers a seamless shopping experience, bridging the gap between local farmers and urban customers. One of the key objectives of the acquisition is to empower small-scale farmers by providing them with a reliable and transparent marketplace to showcase their produce.


Kyosk’s technological expertise will enable farmers to access a broader customer base, reduce post-harvest losses, and improve their overall profitability. The expansion into the African fresh produce market comes at a time when e-commerce and digital solutions are gaining momentum across the continent. Kyosk recognizes this trend and aims to become a dominant player in the African e-grocery landscape.

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