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Driving Business in Africa - Virtual Networking and Panel Discussion on AfCFTA

October 28, 2020

Virtual Event

This media gallery will take you on the journey of an attendee registering and attending our virtual Driving Business in Africa event. We know that networking in the time of Covid-19 presents unique challenges, and we believe that attending our virtual networking event is a great solution for executives looking to identify potential business connections and forge valuable partnerships.

Attendee registering to the platform and setting up his profile details.

Welcome to the virtual event! When Participants log into the platform at the designated time, they are welcomed with a message from Empower Africa’s Founder & CEO, Ezi Rapaport. They can click below the video to become familiar with using the platform.

After watching the welcome video and getting familiar with the platform, the attendees can enter the event.

Participants enter the lobby and can navigate the floor plan by clicking on the different floors. Attendees sit at a table by clicking on an empty seat. Once an attendee sits at a table and opens his or her microphone and camera, the attendee can chat freely with the other attendees at the table.

Chat with participants on the general chat, the table chat or the private chat.

Lights! Camera! Action! The panel discussion is about to start.

Ms. Janet Levy Pahima, Partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman’s International Department, giving a presentation during the panel discussion.

During the presentation, attendees can submit their questions in the Q&A tab.

Attendees can be invited onstage to ask questions during the open discussion part of the presentation. In this image, Shira Aliza Petrack, Panel Moderator, Emery Rubagenga, Founder of Ishango Consulting, and event attendee Mark Karugarama engage in a face-to-face virtual interaction.

Image showcasing the live chat functionality.

CEO of Empower Africa Ezi Rapaport presents a music video produced in the Empower Africa supported music studio in Kono, Sierra Leone.

Shira Aliza Petrack, Panel Moderator, Emery Rubagenga, Founder of Ishango Consulting, Ezi Rapaort, founder and CEO of Empower Africa and Ms. Janet Pahima, Partner of Herzog Fox & Neeman’s International Department engaging in a face-to-face virtual interaction during the event.

Emile Niyonzima, Managing Director at Globl Group, Jesse Shiff, Marketing Director at Empower Africa, and Daneil Berchenkamp, Media Producer at ARC1 fostering networking opportunities while video chatting.

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