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Egyptian Edtech Startup iSchool Raises $4.5 Million for Global Expansion

Egypt-based edtech startup iSchool has secured $4.5 million in a funding round to fuel its global expansion, with plans to establish a new team in Dublin, Ireland.

The investment, led by VentureWave Capital, will serve as a springboard for iSchool to reach new markets and solidify its position as a leader in coding education for children.

Founded in 2018, iSchool offers live, gamified coding classes for students aged 6-18. Its curriculum covers a range of in-demand skills, including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, app development, game development, and web development.

The startup has garnered significant traction in the Middle East and North Africa, boasting leadership roles in computer science labs, technical training, and partnerships with 35 schools.

Notably, iSchool has spearheaded national-level initiatives in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With over 26,000 students, 1 million training hours, and 10 million lines of code written by their young learners, iSchool has established a strong foundation for further growth.

The $4.5 million investment will fuel iSchool’s ambitious expansion plans.

The Dublin office will serve as a strategic hub for its international operations, facilitating entry into new markets and fostering collaboration with global talent.

Additionally, the funding will enable iSchool to expand its reach in the MENA region, scale its online platform. and extend its reach in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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