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Egyptian Healthtech Startup Yodawy Secures $10 Million Boost from Ezdehar

Ezdehar investment fund has injected $10 million into Yodawy, a pioneering Egyptian health-tech platform.

This strategic investment, fueled by Ezdehar’s Mid-Cap Fund II, aligns with the firm’s mission to empower promising startups.

Founded in 2018, Yodawy has gained prominence with its health-tech platform.

Patients can access a comprehensive healthcare marketplace, order medication, connect with labs and insurance companies, and experience a streamlined healthcare journey.

“This investment is a game-changer for Yodawy,” says CEO Karim Khashaba.

“Ezdehar’s support will fuel our expansion, enhance prescription fulfillment capabilities, and solidify our position as a key player in Egypt’s digital health landscape.”

Yodawy boasts partnerships with 35 health insurance providers, 800 companies, 20 hospitals, and 3,000 pharmacies, serving both chronic and non-chronic conditions.

Ezdehar, backed by renowned institutions like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, recognizes Yodawy’s potential.

“They’ve identified a gap in the healthcare system and developed a model that benefits both patients and providers,” remarks Ezdehar General Manager Amir El-Sharqy.

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