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Eutelsat and Q-KON Join Forces to Launch Africa's First OneWeb LEO Satellite Service

In a landmark move for African connectivity, Eutelsat Group and South African satellite solutions provider Q-KON have implemented the first operational Eutelsat OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite service on the continent.

This innovative solution provides a reliable backup internet connection for a leading digital bank in South Africa, ensuring uninterrupted service even in case of terrestrial network disruptions.

The undisclosed bank, among the pioneers of digital banking in South Africa, utilizes Q-KON’s Twoobii Smart Satellite Services.

This service harnesses the power of LEO satellites to deliver consistent internet speeds of 50 Mbps with minimal latency, guaranteeing seamless operations regardless of ground-based infrastructure challenges.

“This implementation marks a significant leap forward in securing reliable connectivity for African financial institutions, particularly those embracing the digital banking revolution,” states Eutelsat Group.

“The low latency and high bandwidth offered by LEO technology empower banks to offer uninterrupted services to their customers, even in remote areas or locations prone to terrestrial network outages.”

This pioneering collaboration between Eutelsat, Q-KON, and the South African digital bank paves the way for broader adoption of LEO-based solutions within the African banking sector.

It showcases the potential of Twoobii Eutelsat OneWeb in enhancing financial services by guaranteeing continuous, secure, and high-speed connectivity across the continent.

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